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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer x Harbor Park Norfolk VA

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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the premier event held nationwide by the American Cancer Society to raise money and more importantly awareness of breast cancer. This year,on Saturday October 3, we joined a registered team and good client of ours MyCapLink.com. We arrived around 8:30AM to find ourselves among thousands of other walkers who took part in the walk that morning! All the sponsors had tents set up distributing information as well as products and goods for all the supporters. Once 9:00AM rolled around, the enormous crowd all covered in there team’s and sponsors customized white,pink and grey T-shirts and hats hit the blocked off trail, taking up from Harbor Park, down past the waterfront, it a turn at the Nauticus and back down the street side in return to Harbor Park. The weather was absolutely beautiful, for they had predicted clouds and rain the day before in the forecast. The supports came from all walks of life: men, women, children, event animals we taking part in the event. We are glad we were able to take part in such a impactful event that not only was about money, but more so to spread the word about the seriousness of it, the importance of finding cures and fighting back.

For more information about breast cancer, please visit www.cancer.org

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Photos By Charles & Dee