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10-23-09 HU Alumi Presents Who’s Who! Hu Alumni Cabaret – Eluzions

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Last night, some of the alumni of Hampton University hosted the Who’s Who cabaret at the all new Eluzions Lounge out in Chesapeake. Not only were there tons of beautiful alumni women of all years and men fitted with tailors suits, slacks and blazers, but the amount of plush things going on was at an all time high! When you hear Hampton Homecoming and Plush, its only right that an event thrown by these guys consist of major brands powering the event such as Crown Royal Whiskey & Uptown Magazine! In the midst of all that, we had to take a moment out for a VIP only champagne toast, celebrating any and everything positive around midnight! There isn’t much to say but a whole lot to see! Specials thanks to Yancy Merchant, Paul Saunders, Joy Warren, Somos Thompson, Derrick Taylor, Christopher Roy, Antionette Knox, Dr. Tim Frazier, Charles McKinley Adams, Kano Hudson, James Henderson c/o Uptown Magazine & Crown Royal!

Toast To That!!!

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Click the photo above for the entire gallery from the event