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Rob Harrison’s Birthday Bash – Club Dreams – Chesapeake VA

Submitted by on Saturday, 3 April 20103 Comments

Last night, one of the Hampton Road’s most prestige freelance photographers, Rob Harrison of robharrisonphotography.net celebrated his 50th birthday bash ( lol just playing Rob, he’s not 50) over at the new Club Dreams in Chesapeake. Rob is one of those photographers who you can consider to be a master of his craft but yet willing to help a fellow photographer out if need be. He’s very humble at what he does and his credentials speak for themself: Shooting all over the US with anything from celebs to models, fashion shows to weddings, promotions to sporting events even concerts and before President Obama was president, yea he captured him as well! It was cool that Rob took the night off and was on the other side of the lens with his closest friends, a majority of whom were very beautiful and attractive, “eye candy” as he likes to refer to them as! We were accompanied by the likes of other master photographers Dexter & Derek!  Overall it was a great night for everyone. Check out the footage!

Happy Birthday Rob!!!!


(click the photo above for the full gallery from the event)