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06-12-2010 7 Cities Summer Affair – Hilton – Suffolk VA

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Actions speak louder than words! Remember those words. Last night Mr. Belly of the Beats, better known by most as Omonte, or just “O” for short put together the 7 Cities Summer Affair at the plush new Hilton, out in Suffolk VA. “O” is one of the silent types who doesn’t say much but damn sure puts on for his city; hence his birthday bashes at his former spot Posh Dolche, from Downtown Norfolk, Granby Street. Why do actions speak louder than words? Who else do you know can put on an event for the city all the way out in Suffolk, Pack the spot out, have DJ Total Reck on the set and shut it down,co hosted by the Prima Donnaz, ┬áhave tons of media coverage and to top that off, open bar for VIP for the first half of the night?!?! Say no more, just check out the footage!


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