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06-24-2010 Exclusive Company Events Presents FameUS Fridays *Ladies Night Edition – Entourage – VA

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Exclusive Company Events does it again! Taking the concept of FameUS Fridays but with a new twist! They’ve combined that element with ladies night, which was a new formula for success! Take the hottest female hosts and DJ’s and put them under one roof. We’re talking Sanura, B Michelle, Cymande, Dee Marie, along with DJ EShorty on the warm up and DJ B*Ryte on the main soundtrack, special invited guest, recording artist Tisha Howard, Ms Hollywood, Prima Donnaz & Monnica Johnson plus all the other sexy ladies in attendance! Entourage was not ready for what went down. All the hottest media companies under one roof snapping it up! ┬áPart 1 and part 2 was a hit, can’t wait for the trilogy!


Sanura & DJ B*Ryte Upinthemix + DJ B*Ryte cueing it up! (Click the photo for the full event gallery)