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10-23-2010 Ke’s All Black Champagne Birthday Extravaganza – Sandbridge VA

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Saturday night, 100 miles east of nowhere, out in the boondocks of Sandbridge, Nakeylla, or just Ke for short, hosted her 30th birthday, all black affair! Let me set the stage so you can understand exactly how it went down, 3 floors of an ultra nice beach house, bottom floor, pool table plus KMK productions behind the fully stocked bar making sure the drinks were flowing all night. Top floor, DJ Chris G/Big Shots Music on the wheels of steel getting it popping and the rest of the square footage of the property occupied by all of Ke’s friends, family, coworkers and whoever else they invited out to have a good, clean time, dressed chic in all black. Want to talk about having a good time?! I’ve seen a lot of things but I’ve never witnessed half sized person shaped in an ice sculpture, customized to deliver shots of you favorite drink. You may squint and wonder what people are doing hunched over behind this thing? Lets just say it gives a whole new meaning to the term “ass-shots”!  The food was on point as well, wine, vodka, cognac, tequila and even champagne was flowing everywhere and even though the festivities got ended earlier than we would have liked as you will see, everyone still had a ball and looking forward to the next house party!  Ke’s a bite-sized woman with the heart of a giant and everyone around her showed nothing but love & laughs the entire night! Don’t believe me, just check out the gallery linked below!

Birthday Girl Ke with that gold bottle, something light + house party crowd shot! (click the photo above for the entire gallery)