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04-21-2012 CJ’s 16th Birthday Bash – VA Sports Hall of Fame

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Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to cover something out of the ordinary. A very unique and special 16th bday bash, one of our good clients bugged us for months in advance, ensuring we would be available to cover this. Her younger brother CJ was housing one of the biggest super 16 birthday bashes we’ve ever seen! This truly makes some adult birthday parties look like child’s play. For starters, being escorted in between a stretch limo, 50 street bikes, chromed out german helmet and riding in the back of a custom, candy painted trike motorcycle! CJ’s friends and family all huddled around, outside the VA Sports Hall of Fame, downtown Portsmouth, awaiting his arrival. Definitely felt really celebrity-ish with all the folks outside taking photos and video of the bday boy pulling up in style swag!!!

After arrival, the event hosts escorted everyone to a private theatre, with all family members dressed in custom black #TeamCJ tshirts! They showed a custom slideshow of CJ, highlighting the blessing in which he truly is, reminding everyone to put things in perspective whenever they feel like they’ve hit a bump in life. Everyone got to wish the bday boy a special birthday shouts, he even was serenaded & a spiritual dance done in his favor! Wow! Think that’s all?! Nope, just warming up!

Moving right along to the main ball room, his own DJ, live drummers, custom bday cake & cupcakes and a money shower and dance from all the special ladies in attendance! As folks got to party, eat and dance in celebration, CJ and the kids somehow disappeared upstairs, where the sports hall of fame held a custom birthday scoreboard, wishing him a happy birthday along with basketball courts, baseball fast pitch and a quarterback station!  Now that’s a birthday party! Not only is this something we’ve never seen before, but by the smiles on CJ’s face from the time he pulled up just got larger and larger! Check out the gallery to see what we mean!


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