Upinthemix.net is an online media portal which was created to showcase to the online community all of the blazing videos and pictures from all event happenings and to keep you informed upcoming events so you can be Up In The Mix! Founded in 2007 by owner Daveon Cole as a hobby, he always was out and about on the scene. His incoming text messages, phone conversations and emails consisted heavily with the same common questions of “What’s going on tonight?”, “Where are you going to be?” and “How does it look where you are at?” The combination of those three questions was enough to turn this young entrepreneur on to the concept of creating a unique and trendsetting website that the primary market had never seen before. Sure there were event photographers and nightlife photo booths with backdrops, but Upinthemix.net was and is continuing to be much more than that. They dived on to the scene head first with a full grasp and understanding of their target demographic and never let it go! It’s pretty rare to find a socialite in their main demographic who has not heard, seen or photographed by their excellent and professional staff.

After a few years in the business, Upinthemix.net has not only been number one in its target market in terms of traffic and overall visibility, but it continues to grow everyday and even has the ability to cover large events in other bigger cities. Upinthemix has been up and down the east coast, from Miami to DC and almost everywhere in between that, not only just Virginia. They have their photos featured in several magazine publications as well as on some major internet blogger websites.

With the new editions and changes to the overall appearance of the website, Upinthemix.net will not only limit itself to one aspect in which it was founded on; urban nightlife. Anything and everything you can think of can be classified as being Up In The Mix; nightlife, fine and performing arts, music, sports, luxury living, fine dining, fashion, lifestyle etc. New concepts such as advertisements, marketing campaigns, affiliate sales as well as product branding is all now possible with their new upgrade!

“I’d like to personally thank everyone for all of the support since day one! I will continue to raise the bar and keep you entertained, informed and Up In The Mix one photograph at a time!” – Daveon C.