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Avi8ted Thoughts Lifestyle Brand based around a clothing line.

-Originated at Hampton University
-Established August 2008
-Now Located in Washington DC (East Coast), Los Angeles, CA (West Coast), and Atlanta, GA (South).
-Network of young like minds who would like to better themselves and their surrounding communities
. Avi8ted also provides event planning services and small business consultation
. In the future we would like to provide design services such as graphic, web and print. In addition we would like to provide audio and video production.
. Avi8tedThoughts.com website release party on May 29th, 2010 at Love Nightclub in Washington DC

Established in 2008, AVI8TED THOUGHTS is a lifestyle brand based
around its clothing line AVI8TED THOUGHTS Brand Clothing. AVI8TED
THOUGHTS Brand Clothing is an innovative brand comprised of multiple
sub-lines each produced and designed to express different
personalities and styles.

AVI8TED THOUGHTS Brand Clothing is one of the Districts newest most
fashionable lines. Through using creative genius, distinctive design,
and idiosyncratic graphics, we craft apparel that invokes a spirit of
thoughtfulness, and reflection. Like the diverse urban cultures of
Washington DC, the brand is very unique and full of personality. At
AVI8TED THOUGHTS our motto is plane and simple: Think about it. There
is a clear connection between ones state of mind and ones appearance
(hence the saying look good feel good). As a clothing
company/lifestyle brand, we intend to produce goods that are the
physical manifestation of a particular frame of mind, which is the
AVI8TED frame of mind. We understand that thoughts become into words,
words become actions, and actions spark cultural movements. Avi8ted
thoughts, avi8ting the world one outfit at a time.

Mission Statement
Avi8ted Thoughts is a lifestyle brand based around the clothing line
Avi8ted Thoughts Brand Clothing. We at Avi8ted Thoughts believe that
Avi8ted Thoughts lead to Avi8ted Actions, and Avi8ted Actions build
Avi8ted Character, by building a network of Avi8ted Thinkers we can
further push the Avi8ted Movement.

A movement that promotes the coming together of like minds to
accomplish a common goal, a movement to Avi8te the mind, body, and